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T&P reducers——Installation

T&P reducers——Installation

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Grinding machine, hydraulic cylinder, main motor base - the main dimensions of the measured base anchor hole, the bolt hole of the reducer floor connection, the support frame of the mill roll support, the height of the base, the welding position of the plate iron plate and so on, and check it according to the drawings.


Grinding roller support frame, rocker arm device, hydraulic cylinder system


The measurement of the shape of the grinding roller support frame is to control the consistency of the height of the four support frames, check whether the center line of the grinding roller shaft support and the size of the hole distance of the connecting bolt conforms to the drawing requirements, check the appearance of the rocker and hydraulic cylinder system and check the assembly dimensions.


Ring grooves, air chamber parts and mill barrel structures


Check the ring groove and the number of other parts of the gas chamber, and check the groove type of the cylinder group. All checkpoints and inspections shall be checked according to the drawings.


Reducer, grinding disc, grinding roller


These devices are the key equipment for the formation of the powder grinder and the production of the product. It is mainly to check the appearance, check the hole distance of each connection, the form of the pin and the quality of the interfaces of the lubricating oil pipeline and the hydraulic oil pipeline, and check the anti friction lining on the surface of the grinding disc and the wear resistant liner on the grinding surface, if the equipment is found to be defective. It is necessary to give feedback to the owner in written form in time.


Gas seal, shutter, protection ring and so on


Inventory of the number of equipment and structural parts, check the quality of components, focus on the control of the arc of the protective ring, check the assembly size.


Pulverized machine


The number of cleaning equipment and structural parts, such as the shell, vertical axis, wind blade, inner guide plate and other devices, and the transmission device of the powder separator, is used to check the appearance and check the distance between the joints. The dimensions of the segments of the shell of the pulverized machine include the arc degree, the straight line degree, the level and vertical of the upper and lower flanges. And check the groove type of weld at each interface.

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