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T&P reducers——Other

T&P reducers——Other

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In order to ensure the normal operation of the pulverizer at dawn, the accuracy of the ingredients, the increase of the output of the pulverizer and the quality of the finished products, the moisture of the material must be strictly controlled. When the water content of the material is large, it is easy to produce the paste grinding phenomenon. The fine powder in the mill adheres to the grinding body and the lining board, which makes the grinding efficiency lower. When the grate is blocked in the silo plate, the pulverizer is not ventilated, the material is difficult to pass, the output is drastically reduced and the quality also causes the great fluctuation.


According to the experience of production practice, the water of all kinds of materials can be controlled in the following areas: Limestone < 1%, clay < 2%, iron powder < 8%, mixed material < 2%, gypsum < 8%, clinker < 0.5%, coal < 4%, comprehensive moisture control within 1.5%.

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