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T&P reducers——Fault and troubleshooting

T&P reducers——Fault and troubleshooting

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If the size of the product that has been adjusted is too large in the production process,

The pulverizer suddenly appeared the vibration of the fuselage

Grinding opportunity to the bearing cylinder locking phenomenon, that is, the brake will tire tighten, the tire has no relative movement.

Mechatronics of grinding powder

The mill pulverizing cavity has abnormal sound, and the roller has a crash on the grinding ring.

Abnormal wear and tear of roller and grinding ring of pulverizer

No powder or powder, low yield

The finished powder is too thick or thin

The main engine noise is large and has large vibration

Main engine current rises, machine temperature rises, fan current drops.

Fan vibration

Grinding roller device to enter powder, bearing damage

Transmission equipment and analysis machine oil tank heating

Pulverizer's mainframe current rise

Bearing damage of grinding roller assembly of grinding mill

Case of instant parking by a pulverizer

The cause of the mill "satiety"

Grinding mill bearing wear seriously

Problem of leaking material for grinding machine

The problem of bearing chamber seal in rotary parts of mill

The phenomenon of roll raising of the mill

The sound of the cylinder suddenly became crisp when the mill was running

Cleaning method for large particles when Miller regulates fineness of finished products

Anti explosion measures of grinding machine

Measures for reducing vibration and removing noise and dedusting of grinding machine

Malfunction and treatment method of grinding roller for grinding mill