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T&P reducers——Operation

T&P reducers——Operation

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It is the most basic requirement to make clear the setting of the mill system and the function of each system and the technological effect to be achieved.

It is familiar with the main structure and function of the mill and its operation attention and methods in the process of production, especially the parts closely related to the grinding effect, such as the control of the material gate, the adjustment of the rolling distance and so on.

Mastering the meaning of the technical parameters of the roller and its relation to the effect of grinding, and memorizing the equipment of the technical parameters of the mill roll of the company, in order to do well in operation, if the parameters are equipped to make the grinding stronger, the rolling distance should be properly loosed, so as to avoid excessive crushing of the overstrength of the material.

Master the professional method of measuring the grinding effect to ensure the grinding effect of all kinds of flour mills.

In order to ensure the stability of the quality of the product, the operation adjustment method of the pulverizer can be ensured when the factors such as the quality of raw material, the moisture content of the grinding, the requirement of the finished product, the old and the old grinding of the grinding teeth, the climate conditions and so on are changed.