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Cleaning method for parts of stone crusher

Cleaning method for parts of stone crusher

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1. Machine cleaning


The stone crusher adopts the machine cleaning methods including ultrasonic cleaning and vibration cleaning, which are mainly simulated manual cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning does not need to remove accessories, directly use ultrasonic signal, alignment of components that need cleaning. And vibration cleaning is necessary to remove the cleaning parts and put them into the cleaning machine for cleaning.


2. Artificial cleaning


Manual cleaning of stone crusher accessories is the most environmentally friendly, but also the most thorough cleaning. Manual cleaning parts, first, need to remove the parts that should be cleaned, and then heat the water in the cleaning pool to about 80 degrees Celsius, add diesel or kerosene invade, and the water temperature in the cleaning pool will be reduced to the body temperature, and then the staff can clean and brush the dust or sundries in the parts of the stone crusher, brush and brush. After washing, dry with cotton gauze.