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What about the fracture of the anchor bolt of the granite crusher?

What about the fracture of the anchor bolt of the granite crusher?

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1, there are large pieces of material in the crusher chamber: because the workers are finished in the previous production, the crushing cavity is not cleaned in time, the granite crusher is sandwiched with large granite. When the crusher is started again, the anchor bolts bear a large shear stress, which leads to the breakage of the anchor bolts.


2, the nut loosening: in order to prevent the vibration of the granite crusher, when the crusher is installed, the damping wood will be installed in the underground, but because the damping wood is buried in the ground for a long time and rotted, it causes the loosening of the anchor bolt cap, and the granite crusher has produced a large swing of the front and back, eventually causing the fracture of the anchor bolt. .


3, rotor bearing damage: when the rotor bearing is broken in production, it causes serious damage. The eccentric load of the granite crusher increases in operation, and the crusher is abnormal. Finally, the anchor bolt is broken.


In order to prevent the fracture of the anchor bolt and affect the production of the granite crusher, the operator should clean up the broken cavity before starting the crusher and check the phenomenon of the loosening of the nut, and check the wear of the rotor bearing in time.


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